RESILOC - Resilient Europe and Societies by Innovating Local Communities
RESILOC aims at studying and implementing a holistic framework of studies, methods and software instruments that combines the physical with the less tangible aspects associated with human behavior.

The overall goal of RESILOC is to identify new strategies for improving on the processes of preparedness of local communities against any kind of hazards, either planned or unplanned. The project aims at bringing together the validity and experience of local communities and the strategies and commitment of national and supra-national actors to achieve a tangible impact on the way resilience is understood and increased in local communities. Therefore a holistic framework of studies, methods and software instruments will be developed, that combines the physical with the less tangible aspects associated with human behavior that applies at the community scale.

RESILOC Framework


  • Collection and analysis of literature and stories from the many approaches to resilience adopted across Europe and all over the World
  • Definition of a classification for the functions that are critical to resilience of communities, extending the realm currently adopted for measuring resilience in cities (…) including human aspects, such as risk perception and awareness
  • Definition of terms, indexes and correlations between indexes


  • Assessment of the resilience indexes of a community, together with simulations on the “what-if” certain measures are taken
  • Identification of new and better approaches to (e.g.) communicate with citizens, reduce the vulnerability of infrastructures, launch awareness campaigns on risks and adopt technological solutions to improve the understanding and the monitoring of critical infrastructures
  • Local Resilience Teams


  • the RESILOC inventory, a comprehensive, live, structure for collecting, classifying and using information on cities and local communities, implemented as a Software as a Service (SaaS). It will be a live tool for stakeholders willing to study and improve on resilience;
  • the RESILOC Cloud-based platform for assessing and calculating the resilience indexes of any participating city or community, for developing localised strategies and verify their impacts on the resilience of the community. The Cloud platform, a combination of SaaS and PaaS, includes the RESILOC inventory as its main repository
The objectives:
  • Increase the understanding of resilience in societies and local communities
  • Innovate on the strategies for improving resilience
  • Innovate on tools and solutions for improving on resilience in communities
  • Communicate, demonstrate and assess the validity of approaches, solutions and tools in field trials
  • Have an impact and define concrete steps towards a more resilient society
Expected Impacts:
  • RESEARCH: Increase the understanding of resilience as applied to communities
  • INNOVATION: Empower all actors to identify and assess the validity of actions to increase resilience in their communities
  • SOCIETAL: Bring resilience at the forefront of the political agenda, by demonstrating the validity and the potential of the approach
  • POLITICAL: RESILOC legacy for further activities
RESILOC target groups:
  • Civil protection agencies and emergency management services (first responders)
  • Local resilience teams and volunteers
  • Citizens of the field-trial locations
  • Decision makers on community, security and safety
  • United Nations and world-scale players in humanitarian help
  • Academia and research centers
  • Industries