In July 2021 the project was able to produce its first functional Local Resilience Team (LRT). This important step resulted from to the proactive work of the Municipality of Gorizia, one of the four local partner communities of the RESILOC project.

The integration of the local stakeholders through LRTs is the next logical step after advancing in the understanding of local resilience and the the development of methods and software tools. The LRTs are an integral part of this holistic framework that aims to assess local resilience and to define new strategies to improve the preparedness processes of local communities against any kind of planned or unplanned risk.

The Local Resilience Team – Gorizia was created as a local community stakeholder group, consisting of a technical and a social core. It represents the link between the project consortium, the Municipality of Gorizia and the local (functional) communities in the pilot area. In this function the LRT serves as a guarantor of constant exchange and feedback from the involved communities.

The main objective of the LRT is supporting the Municipality of Gorizia in:

  • community engagement
  • awareness raising activities to increase the level of resilience
  • the ability to design strategies around resilience
  • supporting the planning and implementation of the exercise (Field trial) planned for spring 2022

For their public appearance and recognition the LRT – Gorizia has designed and produced a special badge, that will be worn on the official uniforms of first responders and public servants.

LRT- Gorizia Badge
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