As we are entering “phase 2” of the COVID-19 pandemic, are there any preliminary lessons to be learnt learnt on resilience? How was “Phase 1” managed in small communities? Should existing response mechanisms be re-thought? Has risk perception changed in the different phases of the pandemic? Have people become weary of “resilience” as a concept?…

These are but few of the questions that are tackled in the video-interview on COVID-19 and Resilience held on the 10th of June between ISIG researchers and Furio Dutto, RESILOC Advisory Board Member.

Furio Dutto, geologist, is the Former Head of the Civil Protection Service of the Turin Metropolitan Area (Piedmont Region, Italy). Throughout his career, he has promoted the active engagement of Local Authorities and Communities in the Civil Protection mechanism, aiming to involve volunteers and citizens both at operational and decision-making levels. He is currently managing several EU funded projects on the issues of civil protection and community resilience.

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